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August 15, 2023

If you’re looking to elevate your social media strategy with ease in 2022, this one’s for you.

In order to create a social media strategy and plan that allows you to reach your goals, START HERE ⬇️.

Look at where you are NOW.

Evaluating where you currently are, enables you to curate a strategy and plan that takes into consideration your present actions, so you’re not going full speed ahead without taking into account what’s possible for you right now.

A simple audit will help you achieve this. Let me share how….

Look at your current, active networks. Where are you currently promoting your products and services?

Look at where you are currently focusing your marketing efforts. How successful are they? Once you have an idea of what it is you’ve been doing, conduct a SWOT analysis.

Here’s a brief example of a SWOT analysis for my Instagram profile.

Strength – The @fioresocial instagram has built a strong community, and is a place where I can nurture, and communicate with people on a daily basis. 

Weaknesses – Not utilising live video. Live video will support me in reaching new audiences. My competition is going live on Instagram regularly, and therefore I am missing a huge potential audience.  

Opportunities – Collaborations are a feature within Instagram that I could use more to grow my audience. By reaching out to other online service providers, I can tap into their audiences and use a new Instagram feature. 

Threats – Having one main social media platform is a huge threat. If my account was hacked tomorrow, would I have another place to market my business? 

That is just a simple SWOT analysis. You can do a much deeper dive into your business and what strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats there are.

Remember to ask yourself these 2 questions:
– How successful has this platform been in marketing my business?
– Are my ideal clients on this platform? And if they are, are they actively engaging with me?

Now take a look at your bio, profile image and links.

Yep, we’re going back to the basics, but looking at these and optimising them for the platforms you’re on can make a huge difference.

Here’s an example… If the link in your bio directs straight to your website, it’s not super simple for your audience to take action. This could be deterring people from buying your product or service, downloading that freebie, signing up to your newsletter… you get the gist.

If you have a link in your bio/description that links to multiple places on your website, it makes it simple for people to take action, increasing your chances of converting them.

Look at your competitors.

You’re not here to compare your business’s success with others, it is important, however, to understand what your competitors are doing. What is working for them, and what’s not. What are they doing in their business that is strong, and clearly converting?

You write up a SWOT analysis for them too. What content is going viral and doing well? What external weaknesses are clear to you. Maybe it’s the content they’re posting on stories, or the quality of video they’re posting.

Once you have a clear understanding of what your social media platforms look like, what your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats look like, and how you’re actually showing up, your successful social media strategy is around the corner.