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August 15, 2023

If you’re not batch producing content in 2022, you’re missing out on a great opportunity. An opportunity to save your precious time & feel good about creating content on social media. 

But how do you create social media content that…

⚡️ Speaks to your audience filled with ideal clients. 

⚡️ Educates, inspires and sells.

⚡️ Doesn’t take a tonne of time out of your schedule to create.

Well, enter my tried and tested content producing system. (I really need a fun name for that 👀) 

Before starting to plan your content, write down your goals for the next 3 months. You’ll also want to note down the CTA’s you’re going to use, for example your services & engagement based call to actions, as well as the topics you want to cover. For example if I want to sell website design, one of my topics (or commonly known as content pillars), will be based around website design. 

Brainstorming & Data Collection is the first step in building up content ideas that will help you reach your goals. 

Before starting to brainstorm ideas you already mapped out your 3 month goals, your CTA’s and your topics, keep these in mind whilst brainstorming. 

HOW TO: Brainstorm & Collect Data. 

  • Take a look at your competition, does anything they’re doing spark inspiration? 
  • Have a look at popular podcasts and take a look at their titles and topics of conversation. Could you use this idea in your business?
  • Blogs are also a great place to find inspiration. What are people writing about?
  • Pinterest is a great place for inspo. Type your topics in the search bar and a list of common searches will appear. Can you create anything with these ideas? 
  • Take a look at what’s trending. By looking through reels, you’ll not only be able to discover trending audio, but you’ll also be able to see what people are talking about at the moment. 
  • Have a look on answerthepublic.com. 

Side note on answerthepublic.com – I see a lot of people using this site hoping for a bunch of ideas, and finding themselves disappointed, if this is you… try the below instead.

Use this site as a way of understanding what people are searching for. What do they want to know? They want to know ‘Is social media effective’. So, you don’t simply answer this question, instead you create a case study to not only provide them with a direct answer, but to actually show anyone asking this question, proof that it is effective. 

My biggest tip for finding solid content ideas is to look outside of social media for inspiration. What’s trending in the world at the moment. For example, a popular Netflix series that everyones watching and talking about. Or, you know that 5 letter word game everyone was obsessed with… 👀 Oh yeah, Wordle. Is that still a thing?! 

Data collection can be done many different ways, but I love to look at my social media analytics. What posts have done well in the past, and what haven’t. Can I re-create or add more value to the posts that did well? 

Now you’ve done some brainstorming and data collection, you should have a decent amount of content ideas ready to add to your Content Calendar. 

I love using Airtable to map out my content calendar, but use whatever platform that works for you. 

I plan out my content calendar with my content ideas, with my goals in mind. You might have a launch coming up which means you’ll need certain content around specific dates. 

Now it’s time for the ugly first draft. This is where you write everything that comes out about your content ideas. Let your knowledge and creativity loose and draft the caption and content you’re creating. Remember this is the UGLY first draft! Write this as if your audience will never see it. Don’t make it pretty.

I like to go through each content idea and make the ugly first draft, before moving onto the next step. 

Now it’s time to finalise those drafts you whipped up. I usually have a day between the ugly first draft and proofing my content. After some time away from it, you’ll be able to see the content with fresh eyes and a new perspective. 

Once you’ve proofed, now you produce and schedule! The fun part if you ask me! 😉

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